Axiom IV Therapy Institute

Migraine Minimizer


Migraine & Headache Relief


Helps To Relieve A Headache or Migraine 

INGREDIENTS: IV Fluids, Electrolytes, Vitamins, Minerals,
Anti-Inflammatory & Anti- Nausea Medications.

Best Uses for Migraine Minimizer

Headache Relief

Mirgraine Relief

Replenish Electrolytes

Relieve That Pounding Headache with AXIOM

Don’t let a severe headache or migraine ruin your day. For usually less than the cost of an emergency room or urgent care visit.

AXIOM will come to your home or office and get you back on your feet fast with our Migraine Minimizer.


  • IV Fluids to deliver nutrients directly into your bloodstream, to help rehydrate your body with 100% absorption.

  • Electrolytes help carry the electrical energy necessary for many functions, including muscle contractions and transmission of nerve impulses.

  • Vitamin B12 which is an important vitamin for brain function, can give you a quick energy boost, improve your mood and help you sleep better.

  • Magnesium is important for energy production and migraine relief.

  • Anti-Inflammatory Medication

  • Anti-Nausea Medication

Woman with headaches.