Axiom IV Therapy Institute

OZone IV Therapy


Increase Oxygen Delivery


Helps eliminate toxins from the body

INGREDIENTS: Blood & Ozone.

Best Uses for Ozone IV Therapy

Fight Disease & Viruses

Increase Oxygren Metabolism

Increase Antioxidant Capacity

What Is AXIOM Ozone IV Therapy?

AXIOM Ozone therapy utilizes a combination of pure, medical-grade ozone (O3) mixed with the patient’s blood to stimulate the body’s natural healing mechanism to treat a variety of health issues. Treatments are administered intravenously so that they can go to work immediately.

AXIOM Ozone IV therapy can help:

  • Activate the immune system to fight off viruses and disease
  • Deactivate bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens
  • Increase oxygen metabolism
  • Increase the body’s antioxidant capacity
  • Stimulate mitochondrial energy production to combat degenerative diseases
  • Release growth factors that can help regenerate damaged joints
  • Stimulates production of white blood cells and increases the production of interferon, interleuken-2, and tumor necrosis factor, which the body may use to fight infections & cancer
  • The administration of Ozone changes the blood formation and can help the blood flow more effectively
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