Axiom IV Therapy Institute

Hangover No More


Party Too Much ? Relieve Headaches, Fatigue, & Nausea


Includes a blend of IV fluids and electrolytes leaving you feeling revitalized and refreshed. Helping improve your overall comfort. 

INGREDIENTS: IV Fluids, Electrolytes, B-Complex,Anti- Nausea, & Anti- Inflammatory Medication

Best Uses for Hangover No More

Headache Relief

Nausea Relief


Fast Hangover Relief with AXIOM

AXIOM offers detoxification drips which are a must have if you are suffering from a hangover or jet lag or it can be used pre-party to prevent a hangover. The Hangover No More will help improve your overall comfort during recovery and you will feel good as new if not better within a short amount of time.

The AXIOM Hangover No More includes:

  • IV fluids and electrolytes to deliver nutrients directly into your bloodstream, to help rehydrate your body with 100% absorption.

  • B-complex vitamin to help boost energy levels and aid in digestive health.

  • Anti-nausea medicine

  • Anti-inflammatory medicine to help ease headaches and muscle aches.

  • B-12 can be added on to help you feel revived when you are feeling tired or weak.

Sleepy girl with headache and hangover in bed talking on phone