Axiom IV Therapy Institute

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The How to Start an IV E-Course is designed to provide comprehensive training to healthcare professionals on the proper techniques and procedures for starting an intravenous (IV) line. 

IV therapy is a critical skill for healthcare professionals such as nurses, paramedics, and doctors, and this course is ideal for anyone seeking to learn or improve their IV insertion skills.

Course Curriculum

Module 1: Anatomy and Physiology of Veins

  • Overview of Veins & Their Functions
  • Types of Veins and Their Locations
  • Factors That Affect Vein Selection

Module 2: Types of IV Catheters
In this module, students will learn about the different types of IV catheters, including peripheral, central, and midline catheters. They will explore the factors that can affect vein selection, such as the patient's medical history and the purpose of the IV therapy. Additionally, students will learn about the different catheter gauge sizes and their uses. By the end of this module, students will be able to identify the appropriate type and size of catheter for a given patient and purpose.

Module 3: IV Catheter Insertion

Module 4: IV Catheter Complications and Troubleshooting

Module 5: IV Medications and Infusions

Module 6: Documentation and Legal Considerations


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